When planning for your Big Day, its easy to get caught up in everyone else's experience: How they'll like the food, the music and the list goes on. But have you sat down to ask yourself one very important question: How will you like your own wedding? And how will you stay calm, cool + collected through what could be a very stressful day?

We have you covered:


Can the venue pack a plate of food for you and your groom? No bride truly gets to enjoy her reception food. Why pay all that money for food you never get to eat? Make sure they have to-go containers; if not, bring your own.


Where will the venue store your belongings that are left behind (decor, cake knives, guest book, etc.)? Also: What time is appropriate for you to pick up your things, and when will someone be at the venue for rental companies to pick up their items?


Find out if your wedding venue has backup generators in case of weather emergencies that can cause power outages.

When planning an outdoor wedding, never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Even with best-made plans, weather can change in a minute, especially in some parts of the country. To ensure your guests enjoy your wedding, make umbrellas, blankets, water bottles, hot coffee, bug spray , or whatever it might be easily accessible to your guests.

Tell us: Do you feel better going into your wedding day now? 

Photo Credit: K. Talley Photography


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