how to show your spouse you're thankful for them

Here are a few of our favorite ideas on how to show your spouse you're thankful for them:

  1.  Write Them a Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes go a long way. Who doesn't enjoy finding a declaration of gratitude as they undo their bedsheets? Or posted to the mirror while they're getting ready in the morning? Not only will it make their day, but it'll be something they can look at when they're feeling down or stressed.

  1.  Do An Extra Chore

Doing an extra chore is so appreciated. Especially during the holiday season when they seem to be piling-up faster than the dishes you used for your Thanksgiving feast! Do an extra load of laundry, pick-up their dry cleaning or clean the bathrooms so they don't have to worry about it. It's the little things in life! 

  1.  Make Them Laugh 

Buy them a gag gift, leave an inside joke on the fridge, be playful. The extra laughs are no doubt going to be a special wish during these last few months of the year! A bonus? You'll create memories that last a lifetime.  


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